Tool(s) #6-Survey Monkey & Excel

04 May

The final tools that I have chosen are and Microsoft Excel. I have chosen to combine the two because the lesson I was teaching warranted it. The two tools can work together to create a cohesive project.

The first tool Survey Monkey is a tool that is used to create online surveys that can be accessed by anyone, or assigned to a group of people. I had never used this tool before, but it was very simple. One of my fifth grade students helped me create the survey. The process to create the surveys is very user friendly and takes you through step by step. For this purpose we created a survey that only had one question, but the students could answer with multiple responses. The question asked was “What was your favorite 5th grade technology class topic?” The responses were the following: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Typing, Blogging, Taking Tests on the Computers, Internet, Research, Science Fair Projects. All of the fifth grade students took the survey. Survey Monkey has the ability to compile the results and graph them, but I like for my students to learn how to make graphs with another program as well. This is where my second tool came in, Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel can be used for many things, including spreadsheets, lists, and what we used it for this time graphs. I had my students create their graphs based on what they thought best represented the data. They made different types of graphs then we discussed why they are or are not the best ways to present this data. Here are examples that two of the students made in Excel. One is a pie chart and the other is a bar graph.


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