Tool #1-Voicethread

09 Feb

The first tool that I am posting for the semester is a technology tool that I am familiar with, Voicethread. Voicethread is a tool where a slide presentation can be uploaded and created in a whole new and exciting way. The presenter can talk over their slides or photos. I have used this in one of my own distance learning classes and it is very simple to use and produces great results. You also have the ability to add comments to your presentations and go back and re-record over the slides where necessary. The way that I have used it in the past is to put my voice over a PowerPoint presentation for a class project. There was only one negative about this tool, for me, and that was when I uploaded my presentation some of the slides that I designed in PowerPoint did not look exactly the same as they did in PowerPoint. I am sure this is something that I could fix if I used the tool more and became more familiar with it.

This could be use in an elementary education setting in a similar way to the way I used it to present my material in my online course. I would ask the students to create a presentation and to make it more relevant and interesting I would have them put their comments over their slides. This is beneficial in a distance setting because the teachers can learn how to use Voicethread from the website that I linked to above. Voicethread just makes PowerPoint a better tool than it is on its own.Teachers could also use this technology tool to have the students present photos about any topic with explanations of what the photos are about; this is better than having stand alone photos on a topic because the photos can be explained.

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